Hi, welcome to the Pursuit of Veterinary Happiness!

‘The Pursuit of Veterinary Happiness’ wants to help veterinary professionals to improve their happiness at work. I do this by sharing expert knowledge on happiness at work combined with tailor made personal development programs.

Specialized in coaching veterinary professionals.

As a registered senior coach for professionals I have been helping veterinarians with work-related problems since 2012. Being a vet myself with in total 13 years of experience in general practice, referral clinics and a teaching position, there’s no need to waste time explaining me what it really means to be a vet. Clients regularly tell me they experience this to be a huge advantage.

‘Learning about happiness at work and how we can enlarge it.’

Although happiness has always been an important factor within the coaching programs I’ve done with vets, it became my primary focus in 2015 with the start of the project ‘the Pursuit of Veterinary Happiness’. The goal of the project was simple. I wanted to learn all I could about happiness at work in the veterinary field and, more important, how we can enlarge it.
The project started simply by asking as many vets I could speak to about what ‘veterinary happiness’ meant to them and what they thought were its major influencers. I loved (and still love) learning about what so many different vets point out to be the things that actually makes them happy! It gave me a sight on us, as a veterinary community, which I think doesn’t get enough attention.

Investing in happiness is essential for business.

In the next level of the project I enrolled in multiple courses and educations on the subject of happiness at work. In this schooling-phase I choose to learn about both personal factors for happiness and business effects around happiness. You can probably imagine that a vet entering an executive program from EHERO, the Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organization, raised some eyebrows! But I knew it would be important for us vets to understand how investing in happiness is good (or even essential) for business too (it is!!!).

Helping vets around the globe.

The project resulted in me entering a network of ‘happiness-professionals’, people who dedicate their work to enhancing happiness in all kinds of fields. It consists of researchers, consultants, professional coaches and authors. And although I am learning more every day, it also made me an expert. It got me invited as speaker on veterinary conferences and symposia and made me the specialized coach and consultant I am today.
The last years I have been working successfully with vets and veterinary teams in the Netherlands on improving their veterinary happiness and their success as professionals. With the start of this international site I’m looking forward to helping more vets around the globe and uniting us in the mission to spread veterinary happiness!

This site will be growing in the following months. If you have any questions or comments I sure love to hear from you!

Wishing you lots of veterinary happiness!

Ron de Jong DVM
registered coach, trainer &
job crafting expert
Veterinary Happiness
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